Northern Vision Eye Care

Northern Vision Eye Care is located in the Copper Ridge Marketplace in Traverse City. This 10,000 sq. ft. project was a functional solution to an increasing need for expansion. It also presented an exciting opportunity to provide a creative, comfortable, identifiable building for both employees and visitors. There were a multitude of design and construction challenges presented in this complex project, completed in September of 2006.

The initial design challenge involved creating a unique 1-1/2 story building, while also respecting the context of Copper Ridge. The design concept of creating a modern ‘barn’ with an exposed wood timber frame created many unique design and construction obstacles. While the high vaulted ‘barn’ space was appropriate in the public reception and retail area, more comfortable proportions were required in the exam rooms. To achieve this, smaller individual ‘buildings’ were placed within the open ‘barn’ to create private spaces vital to the productivity of NVEC. A second floor conference room loft, located among the wood timbers, overlooks the metal roofed ‘buildings’ below. In order to organize these complicated components.

Hallmark was involved in preliminary design discussions with the owner, architect, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers, and timber frame contractor. These ongoing meetings allowed us to seamlessly coordinate the fire suppression system, light fixtures, and HVAC ductwork while maximizing the visual and physical impact of the wood timbers.