Grand Traverse County District/ Probate Courthouse

The two-story Grand Traverse County District/Probate Courthouse is located in downtown Traverse City. The addition and renovation project was completed in November of 2006. The 54,240 sq. ft. facility combines the activities and staff of the 86th District Court, Probate/Family Court, Probation Departments, and Probate Court volunteers. The project also provides additional operational and storage space not found in the previous separate courthouse facilities.

The unique aspect of this project was the ambitious concept of restoring and renovating two neighboring historic churches, while inserting a new contemporary building between them, thus creating a continuous structure throughout. The Bethany Baptist Church and Old Stone Church now serve as bookends to the new modern glass and steel and stone addition between them. In order to achieve this goal a portion of Park Street between the churches was vacated to accommodate the addition.

  The historic preservation aspect of the existing structures presented many construction challenges as the physical connection was made between the courthouse addition and existing adjacent churches. Additionally, wood beams, ornamental wood trim, exposed stonework, and stained glass windows were salvaged and restored to their original state.


Cherry Capital Airport

  Completed in October of 2004, the Cherry Capital Airport Terminal has been appropriately dubbed the ‘Gateway to Northern Michigan.’ The Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building embraces the natural setting of Northern Michigan. Cherry wood trim, copper light fixtures, stone wainscoting, hundreds of windows, stained glass, and lush gardens make the terminal a regional asset reflecting the beauty, aesthetic, and characteristics of the area.

The six-gate, two-story terminal was the largest publicly bid project north of Lansing in recent history. The scope and timing of the 96,000 sq. ft. project presented unprecedented challenges to Hallmark Construction and its subcontractors and suppliers. The Terminal was the largest government based construction project ever in the Grand Traverse Region.

The project was bid in early September of 2001, prior to the tragedies of 9/11. The contract was awarded on September 29, 2001 and was the only airport contract awarded in the nation during the aftermath of 9/11. Construction began on November 21st.  Throughout the subsequent months, many changes were made due to rapidly developing Department of Homeland Security issues. These developments resulted in several work stoppages to allow the architects to comply with newly instituted security regulations which were funded by the FAA.


Traverse Area District Library

  The Traverse Area District Library sits on the banks of the Boardman Lake in Traverse City. The 63,000 sq. ft. building broke ground in July of 1997 and opened to the public in January of 1999. The regional library is centrally located adjacent to a city park and can be easily accessed via an extensive biking/hiking trail. The library’s exterior design is reminiscent of an historic train station neighboring the building. An iconic four-sided illuminated clock tower serves as a neighborhood beacon visible from across the lake.

The 3-story steel and masonry building features many unique design and construction details. There is an interior coffee bar with expansive glass that overlooks the Boardman Lake. There is also a drive-thru for convenient pick-up and drop-off of borrowed materials. A key feature of the library is a state-of-the-art computer facility providing internet access as well as access to the community college. In addition to housing the media collection, the building also has a 125-person community meeting room with a kitchen.

One of the building’s most dramatic features is the large open stair with lake views and unique light-filled reading areas. The intricate stair and rail assembly is composed of  steel balusters, glass panels, and cherry panels and trim. Hanging from the ceiling in this area is a 25-foot long sculpture created by a local artist.


Charlevoix East Park Marina

Completed in July of 2008, Charlevoix East Park Marina is an ambitious and welcomed addition to the community of Charlevoix, Michigan. Located along Mitchell Street, overlooking Round Lake Harbor, the project was completed in approximately sixteen months. The project was dedicated several days prior to the beginning of the 78th Annual Venetian Festival.

Hallmark Construction’s scope of work included constructing an outdoor Performance Pavilion at the south end of East Park, a Harbor Master building at the north end of the park adjacent to Clinton Street, a 30-foot diameter interactive water fountain, and sidewalks, retaining walls and landscaping in the two-block long park between the two structures.

The uniquely designed buildings include a kitchenette, lounge, and shower facilities for boaters at the Harbor Master Building, an interactive lighted water feature and brick-paver plaza, stone viewing plazas, and a state-of-the-art outdoor amphitheater and sound system. The curved buildings and retaining walls are clad in Onaway stone which was quarried nearby.

The challenges presented by this immense project were substantial. One continuous challenge throughout the course of construction was providing contractor access and securing the site while also providing public access to the fully operational boat slips and congested streets adjacent to the site.

Additionally, the project was funded by three separate entities with controlling interests. “We’re dealing with the citizens of Charlevoix, the DDA and Michigan Waterways Commission all making different decisions, trying to coordinate getting answers and dealing with thirty different contractors and subcontractors on essentially three different projects,” said City Manager Rob Straebel.